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Freelance-Animation.com is run by Richard Cheek, an award winning animator and technical artist. Richard has been creating digital art and animation since 1986. Throughout his career, Richards work has been seen on the Discovery Channel, in the Museum of Natural History in NY, on Fox Network, and the Disney Channel as well as in console and computer games, and the cinema. Terra Nova is one of his more recent shows with Richard providing the rigging for most of the dinosaurs and the digital doubles of the main cast members.

Some of the previous projects that Richard has worked on include:

Terra Nova for Pixomondo/Fox.
Snow White and the Huntsman for Pixomondo.
Reign of the Dinosaurs for Creative Differences.
Lego commercials/web animations for Lego.
Civ City Rome, for Firefly Studios.
Call of Duty 2, for Infinityward and Activision.
and many, many more.................